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About Us

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Hello, my name is Suzi. Over the past two decades, I have bred English Bulldogs, Labradors, and French Bulldogs. Formerly known as I love my fur babies and house the females here in Southern California.  My family loves to explore the Colorado River and get lost in the desert dunes of Arizona. From that adventurous life comes the names of our beautiful pups. Currently, we spoil River (Labrador), Razor (French Bulldog), and Laughlin (French Bulldog).    


When breeding, we do an extensive search to find the right stud. Making sure our mates are 100% purebreds with papers to prove it. But, in accordance with the AKC guidelines, we do not follow the ruling when it comes to FAD color breeding (Chocolate, Blue, Tan, etc). 


If we cannot get out to Dr. Butchko in Riverside, CA, our local vet specialists are trusted to make sure all of our dogs and puppies have the appropriate health clearances. Reducing potential health risks and having happy healthy puppies is by far our number one priority.


In conclusion, with our 5 grandkids, our puppies are hugged, loved and spoiled from birth. We are looking for happily ever after homes and reserve the right to refuse any adoption we believe is not in the best interest of the pup.


After all, a house is not a home without a Fur Child.


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Meet The Team



Avi is new to the family. She is a sweetheart. Sunbathing is my thing followed by a risky dip in the cold pool. 



Hi, Im London.

I am an LA transplant. I one day wish to have a nice Lobster and mac n cheese dinner. 

My markings are Blue

Suzi- Fur mom


I'm Suzi, mom of all moms here. I am retired and care for these girls like they are my own children. We've had dozens of healthy litters over the years which all have moved on to happy loving families.


Hey guys, I'm Layke. I love chewing my human's shoes and playing hide and go seek. I'm a proud mommy to healthy French Bulldog Puppies. 

I am a FLUFFY Gene bulldog.


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